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The Interview

Louisa her interview scheduled for 8:00 AM April 12, 2001. She arrived at the Embasy in Moscow at 7:00 AM. She said when she got there, There was already a big line of people waiting to get their interviews as well. When she entered the doors of the embassy, she had to go through a security check and had to empty her pockets and give them her bag that she had and then they let her enter another room. At 8:30 Am They called Louisa to a window and there they Asked for her Invitation Letter that she received in her packet that she got from the Embassy in the mail. At 9:00 AM She was called to the same window and was asked a couple questions. She was asked what my name was and if I was Married and had children and then she was asked to give all the paperwork she had. They told she to go to the 2nd floor and pay the interview fee and then she had to go back to the first floor to wait until the time they call her in for the interview. When Louisa was called in for her interview, The Guy that interviewed her swore her in and began the interview. The questions she was asked are:

1.) Where did you live before you were 16?
2.) What was your name?
3.) Are you married?
4.) How did you meet
5.) When did you meet
6.) When are you planning on going to America?
7.) Other questions about my past.

Here is a List of Possible Questions they may ask in the Interview at the embassy

She said she can't recall all of the questions due to being nervous. She said He would keep looking at her and then he would write something down on paper. She didn't know what he was writing. Louisa was very nervous because she said their were many that had been turned down for there K-1 Visa and she started to get scared. She didn't know why but They Must have not had all their information with them or maybe the information didn't meet there standards. Anyway after the Interview was complete, the Guy that interviewed her gave her a piece of paper and told her to come back at 5:00 PM That same day to Pick up her Visa and it was almost 6:00 PM That she received it and Thank god that is over with. Now we can rest in peace :):):)