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The interview is typically five or ten minutes, and the officer will ask five or ten questions as he goes through the paperwork. Based on fiancée reports, most of the questions will likely come from the following list. If the fiancée does not know the answer, she should simply say so. The officer cannot expect a couple to have 100% familiarity with each other.

The first half dozen questions on this list are most likely to be asked.

1.) How did you two meet?
2.) How long have you known your fiancé? How many times has he been to Russia?
3.) What kind of work does he do?
4.) Why do you want to marry him?
5.) Why do you want to marry him instead of a Russian man?
6.) You have family and friends in Russia. Why do you want to go to the United States to get married?
7.) When did you decide to marry?
8.) What does your fiancé do for a living?
9.) Are you aware you must marry within 90 days of entering US?
10.) What will you do if you don't get married?
11.) Have your parents met your fiancé(e)?
12.) What is his favorite color?
13.) What kind of music does he like?
14.) What kind of car does he have?
15.) How old is he?
16.) When was your fiancé divorced? Why? Does this worry you?
17.) What is your fiancé's religious background? yours?
18.) Do you speak English?
19.) How do you two communicate?
20.) Factual inquiries about his parents and siblings
21.) Has your family met your fiance?
22.) Are you married?
23.) Have you set your wedding date? When?
24.) Will you have a religious or civil ceremony?
25.) How much time have you spent in USA?