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This Page was made for the purpose to Answer any question you may have as you go through the Frustrating experience dealing with the INS. I know what it was like asking them questions. I found out very fast that the people that work for the INS have no clue as to what they are talking about. I gave up very fast with asking the INS any questions because everytime I called them I would get a different answer. If you don't believe me give it a try and you'll see what I mean :):):) That's when I decided to put my Trust in the People that have actually experienced it for themselves. I began to visit K-1 Visa web pages on the Internet :):):) I found answers to my questions and it worked. I am compiling question that you may have and I hope that it will help you. Also if you have any questions you would like to add Please email your questions to me at: and I will Post them.

Question #1: When submitting the petition, is it required to send your fiancé(e)'s Birth Certificate with it?

Answer: No it isn't. You do not need to submit your fiancé(e)'s Birth Certificate with the petition. I didn't submit my fiancé(e)'s Birth Certificate only mine and I had no problem. However when your Fiance(e) has their Interview with the U.S. Embassy they will need to present their Birth Certificate with a photocopy of the front page to the person who will be conducting the interview. If your fiancé(e)'s birth certificate is in a foriegn language, they will need to have it translated into English. It is also a good idea to send an original copy of your birth certificate to your fiancé(e) so they can bring it with them in case they may want it as well.

Question #2: Do I need to send in the Affidavit of support with the I-129F Petition?

Answer: No you do not. It's not required but if you feel more comfortable sending it, go ahead, It won't hurt to do it. Again I didn't send an affidavit of support in with the I-129F Petition and it was approved but you will need to send your fiancé(e) a notarized copy with all the documentation that is required with it for her to present to the U.S. Embassy at her interview.

Question #3: Question # B.17 on the I-129F Petition asks "If your fiancé(e)'s native alphabet is other than roman letters, write his or her name and address abroad in the native alphabet" If I can't fit it all on that Little bit of space, can I use a continuation sheet and does the Continuation Sheet have to be translated into English and notarized?

Answer: Yes you can write it or type it on a Continuation Sheet but on the Petition under Question # B.17 You need to write "See Contination Sheet". You don't want to leave any questions blank or it can delay your processing time. You do not have to have the Continuation sheet translated into English or notarized but you do need to make sure you indicate the item number, and sign and date the sheet.

If you have any Question You would like to ask or add to this site please Send your questions to and I will be glad to help you answer them if I can. Thank you for Visitng and good Luck.