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Tom & Louisa
April 8, 2001

It was October 29, 1999 when I received Louisa's first email. Both Louisa and I had placed our profiles on the internet as We were both looking for the Special person in our lives. In her email, Louisa told me all about herself. I was so impressed that I emailed her back and told her about myself and from that time until the present, we have been conversing through emailing, mailing letters, or talking on the Telephone to each other. From the very first email I new there was something special about her. Just to read about what she liked and didn’t like and what she was looking for in a relationship seemed to good to be true. I never met anyone like her before in my life. She is truly an angel. After each letter I received from her, I felt so good inside. I couldn’t wait to get the next letter from her. After a few months of getting her emails and she getting mine, we decided that it would be nice to have a telephone conversation so we could talk and hear each other’s voices. I called Louisa on the telephone. Our Conversation was in English and we talked for about one hour. I was amazed at how well she can speak English. I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise taking into consideration that she teaches English at her local college as well as being a translator for another company called Kamaz.

In January 2000, we began to talk about meeting in person and started to plan the trip to meet each other in Russia where Louisa Lives. On April 3, 2000 Flew out of New York’s JFK Airport and I arrived in Moscow, Russia on April 4, 2000 where Louisa met me at the airport with her Brother Arthur. From the airport we spent the day visiting different places in Moscow. We had to be at the train station by 7:00 P.M. that same day to travel twelve hours by train and four hours by bus to a city in Russia called Naberezhnye Chelny where Louisa and her family resides. Louisa and I spent the entire time together from April 4, 1999 until my departure on April 10, 1999. Her father and mother excepted me immediately. They treated me as if I was one of there own children and made me feel at home. During our meeting together Louisa and I visited other towns and cities and we visited art galleries, museums and saw a show at the local theater in her city. We went for many walks together and spent a lot of time just talking to each other and getting to know one another better. Our meeting confirmed what we had learned during those six months of correspondence prior to Our Visit and that is we had fallen in love with each other and desired to become married to each other. When the time came for us to part, it was the hardest thing in the world for me as well for her to. I was not able to hold back my tears in the airport as we said goodbye. I felt every stitch of pain in my heart that day.

After that initial Visit we continued to correspond in the same way as we have been with emails, letters, and one-hour telephone conversations. It just didn’t seem good enough taking into consideration that we had met in person and that we want to be with each other always. When I arrived home, we immediately started to plan for our second visit to meet each other in Russia. In September from 9/3/2000 through 9/11/2000 we were together again in Russia and after that visit with her, our love became much stronger and our desire to be with one another has increase greatly. Before this second visit ended, we had yet another date already planned to meet again in Russia for the third time. When I arrived home from our second visit, we continued our relationship the same as before through emails, letters, and one-hour telephone conversations :):):) We continued to plan for the third Visit to Russia as this visit was the most special of the entire three visits. This third visit was from 12/3/2000 through 12/11/2000. This was the Visit that I proposed to Louisa and asked her to be my wife. Louisa’s Parents planned and set up an engagement party for the occasion and invited many of their relatives to be there. They all wished us happiness together. This moment together was the most special, sweetest, and intense moment in my life. The feelings of love that I felt in that moment cannot be measured. It was far greater than can ever be explained.

We yet have another date set for our fourth visit. This visit will again take place in Russia and it will be from 3/31/2001 through 4/9/2001. Since I have met Louisa My Life has been much brighter and I feel I have a very special purpose now. Louisa is very sweet, kind, caring, loving, honest, and loyal in her heart. She is the most sincere woman I have ever met and my love for her is endless. Her Parents are wonderful and they support her in this decision that we’ve made to be married and to live in the United States because they want her to be happy.

Louisa My Love, You are in My thoughts and in my heart always and you are all MINE!!! :):):) I want to say one thing to you. Ja Lyoob'loo tebja, Moy Zheena